Can a condominium association evict a tenant of an owner in Maryland?

Answer The governing documents for the condominium association, known as Covenants, Rules, Regulations and Restrictions (CC&Rs), the associated By-laws and any Board Resolutions constitute the steps and p... Read More »

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Can the Condominium Owners Association in Hawaii evict a unit owner who is undesirable?

Read your governing documents to determine which owner behaviours violate the agreements that the owner signed when the owner purchased a unit. 'Undesireable' is a judgmental word that requires mor... Read More »

Can a Florida condo association evict a tenant if the owner is delinquent on payment of condo fees?

The governing documents for the association spell out eviction processes. They also detail the steps that the board can take when an owner falls delinquent in paying their assessments. One option c... Read More »

Can a Minnesota condo association evict a tenant?

Here is a potential scenario: If the governing documents state that owners require tenants to abide by the community's governing documents, and If the tenant violates the governing documents, andAf... Read More »

Can homeowners association evict a home owner?

Evicting a home owner from a community is a dramatic action for an association to take against one of its members. Your governing documents offer many options for helping owners understand their re... Read More »