Can a condominium association enter a unit that is in foreclosure?

Answer It's a good idea to check with the current owner -- the bank, or whomever owns the unit -- before entering it.For safety and security reasons -- to inspect for potential frozen pipes, turn off the ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a Condominium Homeowners Association and a Townhouse or Plan Unit Development Homeowners Association?

A condo or townhouse Homeowners' Association (HOA) governs a group of condos, wherein the association is responsible for the maintenance of the outside of the building(s), landscaping, and utilitie... Read More »

Can a condominium association cut off TV cable service while a person is in foreclosure?

If your assessments pay for cable services and you have not paid your assessments, the association may deny you this service. If you are in foreclosure and continue to pay your assessments, you can... Read More »

Can a condominium association put a lien on the unit owner's business account when the unit is owned by the individual and not the business?

There are several kinds of liens, one of which is generally established automatically in your governing documents, based on your promise to pay your assessments. The association's attorney can form... Read More »

Can a condominium Home Owners Association person enter exclusive use areas without permission?

It depends on the status of the person or who the person is. If the person is simply another member of the association, and is not entitled access to the exclusive use area, then permission is prob... Read More »