Can a condo townhouse be of fire-resistant construction?

Answer Fire-resistant construction or fire-barrier construction in shared housing of any kind is a good idea. Check your local laws to determine whether or not this is required.

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Can a condo or a townhouse be used as a daycare?

Your condominium or townhouse operates under a set of governing documents that may or may not allow this use of the property. Read them to answer your question. A townhouse may or may not operate u... Read More »

Do they make fire resistant&water resistant gun safes?

Fire and water resistant gun safes are available for purchase from several online vendors. According to Stack-On, a manufacturer of gun safes, its total defense line of safes is waterproof and fire... Read More »

Who is responsible for watering the front lawn of a condo townhouse?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not you are indeed responsible for watering your front lawn.Otherwise, if the association is responsible for watering, you can send a request t... Read More »

Do you have to pay condo fees if you cannot get into condo due to fire?

Yes. One key benefit of an HO-6 -- condominium owners' insurance policy -- is the option to insure against loss of habitation, which can include paying your assessments during a period when your un... Read More »