Can a condo owner do their own remodeling?

Answer Yes, as long as it complies with any regulations imposed by the condo association. This may very well be limited to the interior of the condo as most have strict requirements for exterior work. To... Read More »

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Does an Illinois condo owner have to submit a claim on their own insurance even if damages were caused by another condo owner's water leak?

This kind of unfortunate situation that occurs in multi-family housing must be addressed on two levels: First, identify the source, stop the leak, repair what's causing it, and clean up the damage.... Read More »

Can a condo owner add a window to their unit-not a replacement but totally new?

Your question sounds like you want to cut a new hole in the wall and install a window in a place where none currently exists.What you anticipate may be a major modification to the exterior of your ... Read More »

Can an owner use their condo's amenities if the condo is being rented?

Your question sounds like you might be okay with a little 'double-dipping' -- or not. But let's look at what's possible. You're asking about assets of the association owned by you in common with a... Read More »

If condo association forecloses on an owner does the lender pursue deficiency judgment against the owner or condo association?

Your attorney can help you answer this question, since it requires a legal answer.