Can a condo board evict you even when you pay all your monthly fees?

Answer If you are an owner, unless your governing documents specifically provide for owner eviction, probably not. However, if you rent your unit, and your tenant does not abide by the governing documents... Read More »

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Can a Florida condo association evict a tenant if the owner is delinquent on payment of condo fees?

The governing documents for the association spell out eviction processes. They also detail the steps that the board can take when an owner falls delinquent in paying their assessments. One option c... Read More »

When a condo owner does not pay monthly fees can the association collect late fees or interest?

Yes, generally. Your governing documents could be very specific on this issue. (Generally, assessments are levied against owners in order to pay the operating expenses of the community. Often, not ... Read More »

Are condo fees monthly?

Condominium fees are assessed monthly, according to Lending Tree. These fees are also called maintenance fees and pay for repair and cleaning of common areas as well as amenities such as pools, gym... Read More »

Do you have to pay condo fees if condo board does not follow guidelines?

Apparently, your question implies that using your leverage by not paying your assessments will change the behaviour of the board. This is not a valid assumption. Read your governing documents to b... Read More »