Can a condo association sell your home if you owe them money?

Answer Possibly.Read your governing documents to determine your responsibilities to pay your assessments, and your board's rights and responsibilities to collect those monies, including selling your unit ... Read More »

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If you own your home outright and the condo association has placed a lien on it for unpaid condo association fees can they take your home if the fees are not paid?

Yes.Read your governing documents to verify that your monthly assessments represent an automatic lien on your title.When your board decides to file a formal lien, they are taking one of several ste... Read More »

Can you legally be fined by a condo association for not letting them in your house for an attic inspection?

Yes. Read your governing documents to determine the association's process for accessing limited common areas -- such as your deck, your dedicated garage, your attic -- only accessible through your ... Read More »

Can condo home owner association prevent someone from buying a condo?

Whether it's a condominium unit or a home that is embedded among assets owned in common with other owners, unless the governing documents of the association specifically dictate a screening process... Read More »

What are the implications of having a condominium association putting a lien on your condo home?

The association filed a formal lien with the court, on your condominium home -- probably -- for unpaid assessments.(Your monthly assessments pay bills to vendors who service the community, such as ... Read More »