Can a condo association restrict us on painting the interior?

Answer Read your governing documents to determine what restrictions there might be on painting the interior of your unit. It's possible that there may be a restriction on changes to what's visible from th... Read More »

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Can condo association restrict lease?

Yes.Read your governing documents to more fully understand your responsibilities as an owner when you choose to lease your unit.As well, the association may limit the number of leases as a total pe... Read More »

What is the maximum amount that a condo association or homeowner's association can recover via Florida's super lien statute and does it vary between HOAs and condo associations?

You have asked a complex and interesting question. It is difficult to find much information on "Super Liens" in Florida. The following is general information only and should not be construed as leg... Read More »

The entire chimney interior needs to be rebuilt. Is a fireplace rebuild paid by the owner or condo association?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the fireplace. If it belongs to the unit, then you pay; if it belongs to the association as a common element, then the association pays. Fireplac... Read More »

Can NJ condo association require interior appearance upgrades. They want all unit bathroom and kitchen appearances updated?

Read your governing documents and determine upon which section the association is basing this requirement. If the basis upon which the association stands is unclear, request proof that the associat... Read More »