Can a condo association foreclose on an homestead property?

Answer Your state law regarding homestead property ownership and those rights, obligations, responsibilities and how they relate to ownership within an association are both involved in the answer to this ... Read More »

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A lien for unpaid assessments has been placed on your unit by the condo association - can they foreclose on your condo owned outright?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.Usually, regardless of the ownership status -- outright ownership or mortgaged -- unpaid condominium assessments represent an automatic ... Read More »

Can your condo association foreclose on your condo in California?

Yes.Read your governing documents to remind yourself of your legal obligations as a condominium owner.As well, you can read there the steps that an association must follow in order to foreclose on ... Read More »

How does a condo association foreclose on a unit?

By filing liens against the owner(s) of the unit. If the liens go unpaid, the association can foreclose on the unit and sell it in order to satisfy the liens.More DetailForeclosing a unit to pay an... Read More »

How does our condo association foreclose and collect the amount they are owed?

Read the governing documents; look in the index under Assessments. Then read about the process for notifying the owner of a delinquency, the owner's right of appeal or petition, and other steps tha... Read More »