Can a computer work without a RAM?

Answer Nope, the operating system needs a partial amount of RAM to work and programs need RAM as well, you wont make it past the BIOS menu.

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Can u work on computer without using mouse?

yes... that what the Ctrl and Tab button are for

Can a laptop computer work without a battery?

A laptop computer will work without a battery, provided it is directly plugged into a power source through its AC cord. Disconnecting the battery on some models can actually help prolong the batter... Read More »

If i connect my Xbox 360 directly to a Modem without a computer would it work?

How to Successfully Work on a Long Term Project on the Computer Without Getting Distracted?

Writer's block distracting you from important work tasks?When most procrastinators work on the computer, they usually work for a grand total of five minutes, then get distracted. For all those who ... Read More »