Can a computer have both wired&wireless adapters?

Answer Yes, a computer can have wireless and wired adapters. In fact, it is a good idea to have both if you have a network, as it can help you to keep at least one connection if another fails.Source:artic... Read More »

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Why do AC adapters get hot?

Your cell phone charger may feel warm to the touch. Alternating current (AC) adapters like this one normally run warm to hot, depending on what they're powering. If the adapter has a problem, it ma... Read More »

How to Use Two Network Adapters?

You can have as many different network adapters installed in your computer as you would like. A lot of new computers ship with at least two network adapters -- one for wired connections and one for... Read More »

What are USB network adapters?

USB network adapters are devices that transmit and receive data across a network. Instead of integrating their functionality into the motherboard, they simply go into one of the available USB ports... Read More »

How Do AC Adapters Work?

Chances are, you have several alternating current (AC) adapters at work in your home, powering phones, computers, and small appliances. These small, nondescript devices that plug into the wall prov... Read More »