Can a computer chair hurt the knees?

Answer A computer chair can hurt the knees if it is not ergonomically designed. There are many specially-designed chairs on the market to properly support the legs and ensure that the feet are flat on the... Read More »

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What would a chair look like if your knees bent the other way?

You wouldn't need a chair if your knees bent the other way!

My knees hurt when I run, why?

If the bone joints are very weak then this may also cause to pain. Lack of vitamin and calcium also leads to such issues. Make the inclusion of the natural food sources to strengthen the joints.


i think its real silly that your mam wont take you to the doctors. cant you take yourself? if you don't sort it out it will be a life long problem that will effect you in everything. i cant imagin... Read More »

Why do my knees hurt when I get no sleep?

I've been up really late lately too. But, my knees don't hurt.I think maybe it has to do with the sexual positions used in your phone sex. Can you describe them so we can analyze you?