Can a computer be able to be scanned manually.?

Answer To do that, you would have to be able to read the hexadecimal code of each file and recognize each possible malware signature within the file. It would take you decades just to do it the first tim... Read More »

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Which type of scanner is about 5 inches in width and is rolled manually over the image to be scanned?

That is a hand scanner. Check this site for different models. The only drawback with these scanners is that you need to be very steady and pass over your document without moving sideways. If you sh... Read More »

How come my scanned photos look really bad on my computer?

go to options int he scanner program and increase the quaility of the scan.

How do i save something to my computer that i have scanned?

Where in The Computer Do Scanned Images Go?

Look in pictures folder there should be a folder there called scans