Can a colonoscopy transmit hepatitis C?

Answer On One Hand: Colonoscopies Have Transmitted Hepatitis COn at least two recorded occasions, colonoscopies resulted in the transmission of hepatitis C. A March 2007 USA Today article even noted that ... Read More »

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Should I Have Virtual Colonoscopy or Regular Colonoscopy?

One of the most annoying places to find algae growing in a fish tank is on the surface of the light hood. Its presence diminishes the light, detracting from the appearance of the aquarium; and its ... Read More »

Can hiv transmit in a bathtub?

HIV cannot be transmitted in a bathtub. There are only three known ways that the disease is spread. They are: having intercourse with an infected individual, sharing needles with someone who has HI... Read More »

How far can the Roady XT transmit?

The Delphi Roady XT XM Satellite Radio Receiver's wireless FM modulator can transmit up to approximately 5 feet, based on the vehicle's FM antenna location. Place the FM modulator in the center abo... Read More »

Is HIV hard to transmit?

On One Hand: Myths Vs. FactsHIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is transmitted through bodily fluids from one person to another. HIV can be transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal fluids and breast ... Read More »