Can a cold sore look like a cut?

Answer On One Hand: Appear as BlistersCold sores typically appear as blisters, which are different from cuts in a couple ways. First, cuts are typically extremely thin and relatively isolated on the skin,... Read More »

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Fever sore canker sore cold sore 10 points?

There are medicines like Abreva that will shorten healing time, but from my understanding it's not exactly fast, just faster.Herpes isn't curable, but if you go to the doctor there are medications ... Read More »

Everytime i get a cold & blow my nose alot, i get like a sore on my nose, like a coldsore?

if it keeps reoccurring when you get a cold, it could be a cold sore (hepititis virus). As your immune system is down, it causes the virus to activate.Unfortunately if it is a cold sore virus in y... Read More »

What does a sore throat look like?

When your throat is sore usaully it looks like and irretated sometimes when you have a case of strep throat blisters form on the throat that can be many colors but most of the time are white. If ch... Read More »

What Does a Canker Sore on the Tongue Look Like?

Canker sores, also known as mouth ulcers, are small sores that appear on the inside of the cheeks, gums, tongue or roof of the mouth. Canker sores are sometimes confused with cold sores.