Can a clothes dryer function without the hose connected to the wall?

Answer You can use a clothes dryer without venting it--but it is a bad idea. There are two factors to consider: moisture and lint. If you use a dryer without a vent, you are regularly sending hot, moist a... Read More »

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How often should you clean the hose from your clothes dryer to the outdoors?

Visually inspect the entire venting system of automatic clothes dryers once a year. Depending on the amount of use and the appearance of lint buildup inside the vent, cleaning should happen every o... Read More »

How to Vent an Electric Clothes Dryer Without Outside Access?

If you live in an apartment or duplex, or any other home without outside access for venting your clothes dryer, indoor venting can be fairly simple as long as the venting system is properly install... Read More »

Can I attach a dryer vent hose to a dryer with screws?

When attaching the dryer vent to the back of the dryer, you must make sure it is a tight connection between the vent pipe, the attached elbow and the vent hose. Therefore, make the connection using... Read More »

What are the NEC requirements if a laundry circuit is to be installed in a basement of a dwelling for a washing machine and the dryer will be connected to a 30A dryer receptacle?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. The washing machine outlet should be ground fault protected on 12-2 wire. The 30 amp dryer circuit should be on 10-3 wir... Read More »