Can a civil law suit be brought against a credit card debt that is ten years old?

Answer A debt collection lawsuit can be filed for a 10-year-old debt as long as the statute of limitations has not expired. In some states, making a payment on an old debt renews the statute of limitation... Read More »

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If I'm Being Sued for Credit Card Debt, Can My Credit Report Be Used Against Me?

A credit report compiles your payment history into four sections: negative accounts, positive accounts, public records and collections. The information contained in a credit report is vital because... Read More »

Can a creditor collect on a credit card debt over 8 years old?

Every state has its own statute of limitations on credit card debt. A statute of limitations is a time frame for when the debt can be collected. In all 50 states, the statute of limitations on cred... Read More »

Can a credit card company pursue debt after 7 years?

Collections that are past 7 years old are usually erased from the credit report if it has not been paid during that time. In some cases the collector can still sell the account or debt to collect w... Read More »

How Many Years Can a Credit Card Company Try to Collect a Debt?

A credit card company can attempt to collect on a debt for the rest of your life. There are state laws governing how many years credit card companies have to successfully pursue you in court for un... Read More »