Can a civil case run out of statutes because of a court backlog?

Answer A civil case will not run out of statues because of a backlog. Civil trails will result in a mistrial if there is a death of a juror or attorney, an impropriety in jury selection occurred, there we... Read More »

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Who brings charges in a civil court case?

The plaintiff, sometimes called the complainant, brings charges in a civil court case. The plaintiff is the individual or business that filed a civil lawsuit. A petition or complaint sets forth the... Read More »

Steps Involved in a Civil Court Case?

There are basically two types of court cases in the United States: criminal and civil. Criminal cases are those in which someone breaks the law and an enforcement agency steps in, presses charges a... Read More »

Who does the plaintiff sue in a civil court case?

In a civil suit, a plaintiff (the person who files the complaint) sues a defendant. Civil laws deal with the rights of citizens. Civil cases can involve breach of contract, property damage and othe... Read More »

Can a statute expire because of civil trial court delays?

No. A statute of limitations only specifies the period of time in which a claim may be filed. Once a claim has been filed with the court, the "clock has been stopped" and the statute of limitations... Read More »