Can a chiropractor help bursitis&sciatica?

Answer On One Hand: Chiropractic Treatment OptionsThe Strasser Chiropractic Center in Portland, Oregon, states that chiropractors routinely treat sciatica. Sciatica is caused by pressure on the sciatic ne... Read More »

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Chiropractor or doctor help?

Chiropractor would be my recommendation if you know of a good one and not a quack. My daughter does gymnastics and competes. She had shoulder pain for over 6 months and the medical doctors shrugg... Read More »

Can a chiropractor help a stuffy nose?

On One Hand: Chiropractic May Ease Sinus CongestionChiropractic care can help relieve a stuffy nose. Proper alignment of the spine and neck reduces stress on the body and the nervous system, which ... Read More »

How can a chiropractor help with stress headaches?

Chiropractors have eminence achievement in the treatment of headaches. Most come from either soft tissue or they neurological. Since a large part of these start in the neck tissues. Chiropractic tr... Read More »

My son is having his 2nd set of ear tubes put in and his adnoids removed. Can a chiropractor help?

"There is no plausible mechanism for chiropractic to be able to help in this situation". This comment just shows how little the naysayers know. They make comments off the cuff soley based upon per... Read More »