Can a child under the age of 21 sit at a bar in PA?

Answer Yes

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You must place a child in an integrated child seat if the child is Under nine years of age?

We do not encourage anyone to temper with the security features of the seat belts. They are put there for your safety.

Can a child file a retraining order on their parent if the child is under age?

Answer If you are being abused, contact social services (child protection) as soon as possible and take matters from there. Please don't rely on the legal system.

How does a child under 18 get child support when moving out?

They don't, an 18-year-old who leaves the family home is considered an adult and his or her parents are no longer financially obligated for support of said adult child.If there is an existing court... Read More »

You must place a child in a child seat 3years of age and under or und er 60 lbs?