Can a child sign over their custody when they're eighteen?

Answer i dunno but they can have emancipation under that age meaning they basically have a lawyer that they discuss health or problems like that with instead of their parents to decide for them...(read my... Read More »

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How to Sign Over Child Custody Rights?

Sometimes, a parent wishes to sign over custody rights. The reasons vary for everyone’s situation. A parent might be in trouble with the law, or may have medical problems that preclude her from p... Read More »

Can both parents sign custody over to a woman who is not related to the child?

%DETAILS%AnswerProbably - see CA Family Law Code3040. (a) Custody should be granted in the following order ofpreference according to the best interest of the child (1) To both parents jointly the c... Read More »

What can a neighbor do when a parent hits their eighteen year old child?

Call Child Protective Services ASAP.Or call the police, as at eighteen the child may be considered an adult.

If you are 16 can your grandma get emergency custody of you and then sign it over to your mother who didn't have custody over you if your dad had custody?

Answer If the minor child is in an unsuitable environment which constitutes abuse, neglect or endangerment, DFS (social services) should be notified at once. A family member such as a grandmother c... Read More »