Can a child ride on the front of a street bike?

Answer No, unless you want to scrape up the whats left of the child from the street in an emergency.

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How many of you riders learned to ride at 16 in the street on a street bike?

I think I was 25. Don't want to do the math. On a '74 Honda CL360. But I did live 1\2 mile up a dirt road in a rural area. The shortcut to work was out the other way. With no town maintenance past ... Read More »

What side of the street do you ride a bike on?

At what age can a child ride a bike?

Most children are physically ready to ride a bike between the ages of four and five. Younger children are physically capable of using ride-on toys and tricycles, but lack the motor skills to use a ... Read More »

How to Ride a Child's Bike for the First Time?

Are you tired of training wheels? Do you want to know how to ride a two-wheeler bike? It's simple.