Can a child refuse visitation with a parent in North Carolina?

Answer yes

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Can a child refuse to attend visitation with non custodial parent?

The child visitation order must be obeyed. If the child refuses to go the non-custodial parent can file a motion for contempt and the custodial parent will need to explain the situation to the court.

How old does a child have to be in North Carolina to decide which parent they want to live with?

Answer In NC there is no certain age. A child of "sufficient age to exercise discretion" has a right to be heard regarding who he/she wants to live with. Basically it depends on the maturity leve... Read More »

What age can a child refuse visitation in ny state?

From what I've read that would be about 13 years of age when he will be given a Law Guardian and the Law Guardian will present the case to the court. It also depends on the maturity of the child an... Read More »

If one parent has full custody does that mean that the other parent gives up all rights and visitation to that child?

Answer No. Courts are very concerned that children have the opportunity to spend time with both parents. Unless there are mitigating circumstances, such as proven previous abuse. Even in this scen... Read More »