Can a child receive child& disability payments from his father?

Answer On One Hand: Nondisabled ChildA child can qualify for disability payments if her parent becomes disabled provided the child is not married, is under 18 years old or is under 19 years old and a full... Read More »

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Can you receive private disability payments and also receive social security disability payments?

The broad answer to the question is Yes. However, whether both categories of benefits are payable in a particular situation will depend upon whether the applicant is found to be "totally disabled" ... Read More »

What's the maximum age of the child to receive past due child support from the parent- even if the child is now an adult?

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How long does it take to receive a decision about SSI for a child with a disability?

Children with disabilities from birth to the age of 18 may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income disability benefits. The Social Security Administration indicates that it can take as long as... Read More »

In Texas can achild receive disability benefits from a disabled parent as well as child support?