Can a child leave a foster home to go and live with his or her mother?

Answer YES ... but the child cant just pick up and move in with there Mother or the Mother just cant grab there child and take them home ... A judge has to give the order for the child to return to their ... Read More »

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If a 16-year-old lives in LA with mother and father lives in MS and they have joint custody with the mother being dominant can the child leave home to go live with the father legally?

Answer Where I come from, I believe so, yes. A 16 year old is old enough to decide which parent he or she wants to live with. If you just up and leave to go live with your father without telling yo... Read More »

Why would a foster child ask to leave a pre-adoptive home after 8 great months?

In general, parental rights are terminated either preparatory to an adoption, or after a trial in which it is determined that the parent is unfit. In any case, termination of parental rights does ... Read More »

Can an umarried mother threatens to take child and leave home?

Can a child leave home at 13 to live with her sibling?

No he did not. I am one of his grand nieces. He had one daughter.