Can a child hear us when unborn?

Answer yes but only when you are in the last 2 months of pregnancy

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How can you protect an unborn child if you know of a woman who is pregnant with another child and has 5 others but owes child support for some and the others are in group homes?

Answer Call child abuse hotline to report what you know about the ones that are already here and let them know that she has another on the way. They may be able to help her to see that she needs s... Read More »

If I talk to my unborn baby does he hear me?

Yes. By the time he is born he will already know and recognise your voice. Cool eh?Yes.

How do you feel when you hear someone refer to an unborn baby as a 'parasite'?

Let's just say I don't like anyone who refers to a baby as a "parasite" I won't say anymore than that.

If your husband is in a rock band will it harm your unborn baby to hear him play?

Answer Probably not, but why take chances... (that's a joke)