Can a child break a window ac unit by hitting it?

Answer Depends. When you turn on the unit, does it work? If not, then yes.

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Can hitting a child cause charges of child abuse?

Yes. That's why an adult should find a better way to discipline a child.

How do I stop the birds from hitting the window?

I saw this on t.v. a year ago, it was not on the market then.…

Head Pain after hitting it on car window!?

If you can take Tylenol, a regular dose of that should help. So should a cool pack on the area you bonked on the window. Tell someone else you trust who is nearby what has happened, and have them w... Read More »

If i have shared custody and my ex's husband is hitting my child and i have made a child abuse complaint should i assume full custody and not let my child return there since the social services knows?

If your ex husband it hitting your child just tell the police they will talk care of all the confusing stuff and they might bring your ex husband to jail cause you broke up and he isn't in your fam... Read More »