Can a child be adopted if the are not being put up for adoption?

Answer no, you can't one of the requisites they ask when you adopt is that you must have a stable income and be over 18 (21 in some states).

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Can someone who has adopted internationally but is now no longer able to care for the child put the child back up for international adoption through their own country?

Contact the Agency from which the child was adopted. Otherwise , call you local Dept. of Children's and Family Services for advice. And a lawyer.

Can an adopted child have the adoption invalidated when they become an adult?

Answer The person is now an adult and therefore an adoption could not be "reversed' or expunged.The adult can change his or her name back to their birth name or to any other they might choose.

When can an adopted child have access to the adoption records in kansas?

I know for a fact that in Florida you can not undo the adoption or terminate your parental rights, unless someone else is willing to adopt the child. I told an attorney what my wife had told me, pr... Read More »

Would love to adopted a child but don't have tons of money is adoption always expensive?

yes, they should people don't need to be married to have children . adopted or there own.