Can a chiari malformation be caused by a ganglioglioma?

Answer Answer No. This condition would be termed tonsillar herniation secondary to ganglioglioma.

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My son aged four has Arnold-Chiari malformation type one and hydrocephalus can anybody answer please what may of caused this and also the prognosis for the future .my son is now 4 yrs old.thanks?

You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!

What is the future prognosis for a baby that was born with warfarin syndrome chiari malformation and hyrosyphalus. caused from perscribed meds while in utero?

Is chiari malformation hereditery?

Yes. But not in all cases. I myself have Chiari Malformation Type I and my mom and grandma have it, but the gene skipped my older brother who does not have this malformation.

Who discovered Chiari malformation?

Hans von Chiari, Professor of Morbid Anatomy at Charles University in Prague, 1891 published a his findings describing three cases with malformations of the lower part of the cerebellum and brain s... Read More »