Can a change of monitor cause video stuttering on games and such?

Answer try the game with different resolution, like 1024 x 768.the monitor change has no side effects like this! Also check whether u have updated driver for ur new monitor.

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Monitor Video Signal Problem - What can cause problems with your Monitor's Video Relay?

Usually the video cable or the video card. A faulty graphic card driver can also cause image distortions, but that's a software defect that can be fixed by upgrading or re-installing the driver.

Can 2x AMD Radeon HD7750 1GB Video Cards in CrossFireX Configuration run top games such as battlefield 3 and 4?

That computer is way overpriced. Don't buy it. The 7750 in Crossfire would probably be able to handle it at High. Hope this helps.

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Pc video stuttering?

With stuttering problems, you should suspect that it could be a refresh rate issue between the video card and the monitor.I have had this problem with video games, and have made it come and go by c... Read More »