Can a cell phone number be tracked using GPS?

Answer A cell phone number can be tracked using a phone's GPS system. Carriers like Sprint Nextel allow companies to track employees via GPS, and all cell phones must have a GPS system for enhanced 911 se... Read More »

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how to tell if my cell phone is being tracked?

this may interest you as far as i know all mobiles at least in the uk can be traced by the transmitter beacons to within around1/4 of a mile or less

How can you tell if your cell phone is being tracked?

you wont know if its being tracked, however you can make sure the phone CANNOT be tracked. go to menu then settings and tools , scroll down to phone settings, then scroll down to location then set ... Read More »

How do i find out if my cell phone is being tracked?

Turn on your cell phone. Open "Settings." Select "GPS on" under the "Location" option. This will turn on your GPS and make your phone trackable. If anyone is tracking your phone, an alert will come... Read More »

Can a prepaid cell phone be tracked?

Many prepaid cell phones can be tracked via GPS, but this feature can be turned off on the phone. Currently, the name of the owner of a prepaid cell phone cannot be tracked as there are no forms or... Read More »