Can a cavity cause bad breath?

Answer Yes, cavities can cause bad breath. Gaps left by cavities can get filled with food and bacteria, causing decay, infections and odor. Cavities should be treated and filled immediately by a dentist. ... Read More »

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Can braces cause a cavity?

Answer Orthodontic braces do not 'cause' cavities. More than likely, inadequate oral hygiene caused the cavity. The problem with braces is that they can make oral hygiene more difficult. Depending... Read More »

Can menopause cause bad breath?

On One Hand: Hormon Fluctuations Can Lead to Bad BreathDuring menopause, a woman's hormones are out of balance. This imbalance can lead to a number of hygiene issues, including bad breath. Hormonal... Read More »

Can nervousness cause bad breath?

On One Hand: Nervousness Can Dry Out Your MouthWhen you get nervous, it can cause your mouth to dry out. Dry mouth is one of the leading causes of bad breath. Keeping a drink on hand in situations ... Read More »

What can cause bad breath in babies?

Well, if you give your baby milk or another drink (excluding water) or feed you baby food , well lets face. You don't brush hers or his teeth. It's the same thing with us. Or it could just be morni... Read More »