Can a cat take fish flex?

Answer On One Hand: Many Cats Benefit from Fish FlexFish flex is a product that many cats benefit from. It is used to treat a large variety of different bacterial infections including skin infections and ... Read More »

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Is a flex pipe illegal to use on a heating gas range I was told by the Philadelphia Gas Works to replace my flex pipe.?

For the purpose of cleaning behind a stove (great hygiene) one would think a flex pipe would be the thing to have installed. There must be approved flex pipes for use with natural gas in the home. ... Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Fish?

Here's a gold fish!Many people buy fish without learning how to properly care for them. Some common mistakes include putting goldfish and bettas in bowls, adding fish before cycling your tank, and ... Read More »

How much fish oil is safe to take?

It is safe to take up to 4,000mg of fish oil per day, but that much should only be consumed by people with high triglycerides. Most other people should take about 1,000mg of fish oil per day for go... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Puffer Fish?

Puffer fish can be an incredible addition to your home aquarium. They have puppy-dog eyes and cute faces, but they are not meant for the casual aquarium owner. Puffer fish have strict requirements ... Read More »