Can a cat catch kennel cough from a dog?

Answer On One Hand: It Is PossibleKennel cough is caused by an airborne bacteria called Bordetella bronchiseptica. It can be transferred between a dog and cat by a cough, by sharing food bowls and groomin... Read More »

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What is kennel cough from?

Kennel cough, an infectious inflammation of the upper-respiratory tract, affects thousands of dogs each year. Most cases of kennel cough are caused by two or more infectious organisms. The infectio... Read More »

Can a dog die from kennel cough?

On One Hand: Kennel cough is not a fatal diseaseKennel cough is an airborne illness that can be transmitted through dog-to-dog contact or through the environment. Kennel cough can be caused by one ... Read More »

What is kennel cough?

Kennel cough is an upper-respiratory infection, not unlike a bad chest cold, that is highly contagious and affects many dogs at some point in their lives. Prevention and immediate treatment are cri... Read More »

How long does kennel cough last?

On One Hand: Approximately three weeksOn average your dog should recover from kennel cough completely within three weeks. In some cases medication can speed up the recovery time or reduce the impac... Read More »