Can a cast iron grill pan be used on a gas grill?

Answer On One Hand: Grilling small itemsUsing a grill pan directly on the grill is useful for cooking items such as vegetables or shrimp. A cast iron pan takes extreme heat well, so using it on the grill ... Read More »

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Can you grill with a cast iron pan?

Cast iron is durable cookware well suited for outdoor grilling and cooking. Cast iron cookware is available in grills, pans or Dutch ovens suitable for placement and cooking directly over the fire,... Read More »

Can you use a cast-iron skillet on a gas grill?

A cast-iron skillet can be used on a gas grill for cooking more delicate foods such as fish and vegetables, which might stick to or fall through the grill grate. The durability of the cast-iron hol... Read More »

How to Clean an Enameled Cast Iron Grill?

Enameled cast iron grills retain heat evenly and do not require seasoning. They are lower maintenance than traditional cast iron but last just as long. Avoid cooking at high temperatures for best r... Read More »

Can I use a cast iron grill on an electric stove top?

A cast iron grill can be used on electric or gas stoves as well as wood stoves and over a campfire. When using one on an electric stove, pick the grill up to move it because sliding it can scratch ... Read More »