Can a carpenter bee sting?

Answer Female carpenter bees have stingers, but are generally fairly docile and will only sting when disturbed or handled. Male carpenter bees are more aggressive, but they lack a stinger and thus cannot ... Read More »

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Do carpenter bees sting people?

Female carpenter bees (Xylocopa virginica) can sting, but they must be provoked before they will attack. Male carpenter bees hover around people and chase other insects, according to the Penn State... Read More »

Do carpenter bees sting or bite?

The male carpenter bee does not sting or bite and is easily identifiable because of the white markings on its face. Female carpenter bees, however, can and will sting and bite if handled. Otherwise... Read More »

Do female carpenter bees sting?

Female carpenter bees are able to sting. The only tend to sting, however, when being held or thoroughly provoked. Males are much more aggressive even though they lack a stinger.Source:Penn State Un... Read More »

If there is a bee sting but it doesn't have the stinger in the sting what should you do besides put ice on it?

If the stinger was there you would know it. Stingers don't go entirely through all the skin. It is not unusual not to have the stinger in the bee sting wound.Wash it and apply some antibiotic oin... Read More »