Can a car with a rebuilt title be insured?

Answer Some insurance companies will not insure a vehicle with a rebuilt title. The ones that do typically will insure the vehicle for liability, but not physical damage, otherwise known as comprehensive ... Read More »

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What does a rebuilt title mean for a car?

A rebuilt title indicates that a car once received a salvage title. This means that it sustained damage to a degree that the insurance company considered it uneconomical to repair. After it was tot... Read More »

Is it bad to buy a rebuilt title vehicle?

On One Hand: Rebuilt titles must pass inspectionSpecific inspections vary by state, but generally speaking a rebuilt car must pass all of the inspections of a regular car. According to carinsurance... Read More »

Is it safe to buy a car with a rebuilt title?

On One Hand: Inspection is RequiredA rebuilt title means that a car has previously been severely damaged and was repaired with rebuilt parts. According to, most states require that a reb... Read More »

How to Sell With a Rebuilt Title?

Salvage cars can be resold as long as you have a rebuilt or salvage title. With proper repairs to a salvage car, it can still make a decent vehicle. Many people may want to sell a salvage car becau... Read More »