Can a car have two separate insurance policies by two different people?

Answer On One Hand: There's No Law Against ItIt's legal to have more than one policy on the same vehicle, whether or not the policy is set up by different people. Insurance companies don't check to see i... Read More »

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Does New York allow spouses to have separate auto insurance policies?

NY and Auto PoliciesYou can have separate policies, but most of the time, it is cheaper to be on the same policy. A NY Insurance Company will ask the question of being married, and if there are oth... Read More »

When a married couple has two cars should they have one combined auto insurance policy or two separate policies?

Answer You need to have one policy that way you will be eligible for the "multi-car discount"

What is the advantage or disadvantage to having workman's comp insurance separate from your general liability insurance?

They cover different contingencies, so it is not really a question of "advantage" or "disadvantage". Furthermore, they are written on different "forms" (contracts), although the same commercial ins... Read More »

Are long-term care insurance policies available through Liberty Mutual insurance company?

Only group long-term care insurance policies are available from Liberty Mutual insurance company, meaning that the company provides the insurance for employees of businesses that choose to offer th... Read More »