Can a car bought under a hire purchase agreement be insured by anyone other than the person who signed the hire purchase agreement?

Answer Well this policy depends upon the company you choose for car hire. In most of the case you will not find this type of option. One more option is you can directly contact the desired company. You ca... Read More »

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What is a hire-purchase agreement?

In a hire-purchase agreement, a buyer pays a deposit and takes possession of the goods, essentially "hiring" or renting them by making installment payments. Upon payment of the last installment, th... Read More »

What is a hire& purchase agreement?

Originating in England, a hire and purchase agreement is essentially a rent/lease-to-own document. The purchaser does not receive title to or ownership of the property until all payments have been... Read More »

What is a purchase agreement?

A purchase agreement is a legal document that details the sale of any type of property. It includes the price of the property and the terms of the sale agreement.PurchaserThe purchaser of property... Read More »

Bond Purchase Agreement?

When you buy bonds, you receive a bond purchase agreement from the underwriter. This agreement clearly states the price of the bonds at the time of sale, interest rate and sale terms.