Can a car be titled in your name but put on someones elses auto insurance?

Answer Answer No Answer yes. the titled owner should be listed as an aditional insured.

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If your car is titled in someone else's name can you still buy insurance?

AnswerYes, but the person who is the registered owner of the car will have to be included on the policy, unless they have their own coverage. AnswerYes. I was able to put insurance on my car after... Read More »

When a car is titled in NC in dads name who doesn't drive could insurance be in the sons name who has an out of state drivers license?

Answer Here is how you do this. Get the insurance in the name of the owner and list the people or person who drives the car as a driver. Usually the driver can have a driver's license from anothe... Read More »

Is there a way to find someones auto insurance info?

Answer Well, you could ask them. If this is pursuant to an auto crash or something like that, insurance info can be obtained through the NCIC database used by law enforcement personnel, though th... Read More »

Can you get auto insurance in your name if the car you are using is financed by someone else and your name is not on the contract?

Answer NO, Just picture you driving up my driveway to my house and saying boy you have a nice house, I want to insure it. You couldn't pull a home owners policy on my house because you have no insu... Read More »