Can a car be sold without a title?

Answer It is legal to sell a car without a title, as long as the sale is legal in all other manners. You must be sure that the vehicle was not stolen before it came into your possession. It is advisable n... Read More »

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Where do I sign a vehicle title when sold?

Each state in the United States has its own format for vehicle titles. When selling a vehicle, the registered owner (seller) needs to sign the front of the title releasing his interest in the vehic... Read More »

Can a car be sold without a co-owner's signature?

On One Hand: Signature Is NecessaryIn the case of divorced people, or any situation in which the co-owner and owner are no longer speaking, it may be difficult to obtain the signature needed. Unfor... Read More »

Is it Normal for a Used Car to Be Sold Without Any Warranty?

Generally, especially in transactions by private parties, a used car is sold "as is." This means that the seller makes no warranties on the fitness or condition of a used car offered for sale.

How to Buy a Car Without a Title?

When you buy a car, it is important that the title be transferred to your name. But what do you do if the car apparently has no title? Read on to find out.