Can a car be sold without a co-owner's signature?

Answer On One Hand: Signature Is NecessaryIn the case of divorced people, or any situation in which the co-owner and owner are no longer speaking, it may be difficult to obtain the signature needed. Unfor... Read More »

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Can My Employer Change My Contract Without My Signature?

Changes to an employment contract usually require the approval of both the employer and the employee. An employee and her employer must sign the contract to validate the agreement. Changes to an em... Read More »

Can I file for divorce without my spouse's signature?

You can file for divorce without your spouse's signature. While state laws will vary as to specific requirements, all states have a judicial process that allows for obtaining a divorce whether your... Read More »

Is a notary signature legal without the stamp?

A notary signature is valid without an ink stamp in some states, but each state has the right to make that decision. If a notary does not have an ink stamp, her name and commission expiration date ... Read More »

Can you get morning after pills without parents signature?

Answer This depends on where you live. Please, act fast! Call the operator or look in the social services section of your local phone book to get the number of a family planning clinic near you.... Read More »