Can a car be insured by someone other than the title holder?

Answer Car insurance can be bought to insure the title holder of the car. However, people who are not title holders can also insure a car. A car that is insured by someone other than the owner of the car ... Read More »

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Can any insured driver drive someone else's insured leased car?

Answer You are covered if you are a licensed driver regardless what they say.A leased vehicle is owned by the leasing agency not by the person who is leasing it.The terms of the contract will desig... Read More »

If you are 17 years old and are about to get your license can you be insured on another family members policy other than your parents?

Answer As long as their agent approves you, and receives the difference in cost for the premium yes of course that happens quite often.

If someone who does not have insurance drives your car and gets in an accident is your car still insured for damage to other vehicles and yours?