Can a car accident cause IUGR or damage to the placenta or umbilical cord?

Answer Anythnig is possible, but it would likely have to have been a traumatic collision and injury.

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How is the placenta different from the umbilical cord?

The placenta is a very important organ which develops during pregnancy that attaches itself to the uterine wall. It is the organ that stores nutrients and allows for gas exchange (carbon dioxide an... Read More »

Why do you cut off the umbilical cord?

the umbilical cord is cut to prevent blood loss of the baby

How do you tie a kittens umbilical cord?

It is nOt important to tie the cord, u can just leave it the way it is and if it's too long just cut it short but not too close to the tummy of thee kitten. The cord will come out itself in a few d... Read More »

How do you cut a cat's umbilical cord?

Most cats will do that themselves, with their teeth. If a cat doesn't or cannot for some reason, tie a knot in the cord between the kitten and the mother, then cut it with scissors between the knot... Read More »