Can a camera flash worsen eyesight?

Answer why dont you do a little experiment when you get home today :)

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Do contacts really worsen your eyesight?

Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) do not worsen vision, but, and here is the subtlety, they do strongly encourage incorrect vision habits. Incorrect vision habits are what squeeze ... Read More »

How much will my eyesight worsen in the future?

It depends on the vision behaviors a person has. The way we use our eyes, mind, and body together, is what determines natural perfect eyesight or blurry strained eyesight. Diopters "-?.00" are the ... Read More »

I'm confused about whether wearing glasses will only worsen you eyesight?

You're right - it doesn't make it worse!!! You'd be amazed at how many people are under this same misconception. I sure was blown away at how many people think that wearing glasses makes your eye... Read More »

Does wearing older prescription eyeglasses worsen your eyesight?

Reduced prescriptions will not harm or help our vision directly. It all depends upon how we respond to them. If we respond to the blurrier vision by squinting and straining to get more clarity then... Read More »