Can a burn from salt and ice give a 3rd degree burn?

Answer Actually, the ice can burn to 3rd degree. Especially easily done with one of those ice packs or gel ice packs attached to the injury with nothing between that and skin. It happened to a nurse I kno... Read More »

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Ice and salt, is that a burn or frostbite?

When you make home made ice cream, you put salt on the ice because it makes it get colder. Therefore your boyfriend has frostbite.

Why does it burn your hand when you put salt then ice on it?

Your friend had frostbite. What happens is the salt lowers the freezing point of water that allows the water to pull more energy out of the ice, that is the water is colder then freezing, that allo... Read More »

Ice cube and salt burn?

The ice cube and salt burn challenge leaves you with a burn similar to frost bite, You need to leave it alone to heal up which could take a week or more. It is a dangerous thing to do.................

Why Does Ice & Salt Burn the Skin?

If you've ever made ice cream at home, or tried to melt ice by adding salt to it, chances are that at some point you've been burned by a mixture of salt and ice. Any sufficiently cold substance, su... Read More »