Can a bump fighter razor cause razor bumps?

Answer On One Hand: Bump Fighter Razor Fights Razor BurnThe Bump Fighter Razor is designed to prevent the uncomfortable bumps that are caused by razor burn. explains that the unique sha... Read More »

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The Difference Between Razor Burn & Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps and razor burns are two distinct types of skin irritation caused by shaving. Both are completely avoidable if you use the proper shaving technique. Does this Spark an ... Read More »

The Best Razor Bump Solutions?

Razor bumps are unsightly bumps that can appear on the skin after shaving. They are the result of shaving hair very closely to the skin, which leaves a sharp edge on the hair. African Americans and... Read More »

Razor Bump Treatment?

We've all experienced those unsightly, irritating and often painful little red bumps after shaving. They can pop up anywhere---your legs, your underarms, bikini area or face, but no matter where th... Read More »

Razor Bump Cures?

You are getting ready for an important job interview or maybe a night out in that little black dress. You give yourself a nice, close shave in order to look clean-cut and professional. Maybe you wa... Read More »