Can a broken TV be put in the trash pickup?

Answer Trash collection policies vary widely in different municipalities. For example, one county in Maryland would require you to call for a special bulk item collection for a larger television, whereas ... Read More »

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What does it cost for trash pickup in Boston, Massachusetts?

Trash collection is a service provided by the city of Boston and is paid for as part of the taxes required of property owners. In 2010, the total property tax on residences in Boston was $11.88 for... Read More »

Is there trash pickup in San Diego on Cesar Chavez Day?

San Diego establishes holidays for trash pickup each year and varies on whether Cesar Chavez Day is included on the list. In 2010, the city had trash pickup on Cesar Chavez Day, but garbage pickup ... Read More »

Replace a Broken Tail Gate Handle on Ford Pickup?

If you need a new tailgate handle, it may have to come from the dealer or a used parts yard. They are rarely found at auto parts stores. The process is straight forward and does not demand many too... Read More »

Is there an item or anything that can be put in a trash can to prevent raccoons from tearing up my trash.?

None that I know of...I was successful at keeping the coons out of my trash can by tying a bungie cord to one handle and hooking over the lid and through the other handle. A really smart one might ... Read More »