Can a breech birth cause scoliosis?

Answer The exact cause of infantile scoliosis is unknown. However, some theories point to breech birth as a possible reason. The theory is that if a pelvic imbalance caused the scoliosis, this could have ... Read More »

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What methods are there to avoid a breech birth?

The risks of vaginal breech delivery can be avoided by delivering the baby through a surgical procedure (cesarean section, also known as c-section). For the past twenty years, cesarean section has ... Read More »

What treatment exists for resolving a breech birth?

If a fetus is in the breech position in the last weeks of pregnancy, there are three possible courses of action: Cesarean section, attempted version, or vaginal breech delivery.

How can you tell if a fetus is breech?

Answer Yes. Natural childbirth hurts more though.

What does a breech baby mean?

It means that the baby is coming out feet first instead of head first. This is very dangerous as the baby is not getting enough oxygen, and results in turning the baby around or having a casearean ... Read More »