Can a breastfed 6 month old get Jaundice?

Answer I'd recommend talking with your doctor before giving an infant any kind of medication as they can easily be given too much.

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Why is my breastfed 5 month old not gaining weight?

Please please please please stop worrying. Both mine were breast fed and were on the lowest percentile and my Health Visitor kept saying to me that I needed to supplement as her weight gain wasn't... Read More »

Should i get my breastfed 4 month old off the bottle & onto the sippy cup... any advice?

I don't think you want her to spill milk all over theplace & herself, not because of the mess but every oz is hard to get out.When she refuses the breast try again & again, she'll take it. My son u... Read More »

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What is the cause for constipation in breastfed infants?

They practice internal medicine for children ... usually up to the age of 18.