Can a boy carry a baby?

Answer There is a theory that a man could carry a baby to term on top of his liver; but it would have to be implanted and medically we are very far away from that theory becoming a reality.

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How do I carry a baby in a sling?

PreparationLoop the sling handle over the arm opposite to the desired position of the baby's head. When positioned correctly, the sling hangs like a handbag under your arm with the adjustment loop ... Read More »

Is there a test you can do to see if you can carry a baby?

my doughter is 14 months and she is very tiny her wiaght 9.5 kg and her length 75.5 cm can some one tell me about right or normal size pls..thnk u

How long does a pregnant mother carry her baby?

Can you carry a baby full term that's outside the womb?

Answer No, they cannot force you to leave especially if the father sues for custody. You can also check into being emancipated from your parents. Not to judge, since I was a single mom, but why are... Read More »